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我这么频繁地抱宝宝、喂宝宝,会宠坏他/她吗? Will I Spoil My Baby by Holding/Nursing Him So Often?

我这么频繁地抱宝宝、喂宝宝,会宠坏他/她吗? Will I Spoil My Baby by Holding/Nursing Him So Often?


Will I Spoil My Baby by Holding/Nursing Him So Often?


Mothers throughout history have always known, and research now shows, that babies are happiest, healthiest, and smartest, if they are kept in close contact with their mother or another family member most of the time. Asleep or awake, happy or sad, babies like to feel and smell your warm embrace. Research shows babies grow faster and learn about their world more readily when up on mother‘‘s level. There‘‘s more for the baby to see when he is with you while you go about your daily business than when lying flat in a crib or carriage. Babies cry much less and expend less energy that way. Many newborns sleep more deeply when held against your body. This type of approach is very respectful of your baby‘‘s feelings, and is sometimes called "attachment parenting."


To get more done while keeping baby close, save your arms by getting a baby sling. More versatile than the front pack, these over-the-shoulder carriers are nice because you can easily and discreetly breastfeed while wearing one, and the baby can be held in many different positions (facing in or out, cradle position, on the hip), up to 30 pounds. They are available through some LLL groups and some baby supply stores. Many premature babies can benefit from this kind of care, if they are strong enough. Skin-to-skin contact is preferred, inside the parent‘‘s clothing. This is called "kangaroo care." LLL experience shows that children parented this way become quite secure and independent as they grow. They learn to trust their world, and other human beings, and feel "right" inside. These early feelings of love, security, and respect will become patterned in your child‘‘s mind and will be what he/she looks for when ready to form adult relationships. It all starts with you!

如果您想边带宝宝边做更多的事情,宝宝背巾可帮助您解放你的双臂。这种绕肩的背巾比普通婴儿背带更好用,因为宝宝在背巾里就可以方便的吃奶,背巾还能保护你的隐私。宝宝可以有不同的姿势(脸朝里或外,摇篮姿势或骑在胯上等),体重不超过30磅的孩子都可使用。背巾可从国际母乳会(LLL)组织购买,或一些宝宝用品商店也有销售。许多早产宝宝如果足够结实,可以从这种怀抱养育方式中得到很多益处。建议把宝宝放在父母贴身衣服里面,让孩子和父母能肌肤相亲。这就是袋鼠育儿。 国际母乳会(LLL)的经验表明:这种方式下养育的宝宝长大后有很好的安全感和独立性。他们能够信任周围的世界和其他人,内心感觉良好。有关爱、安全和尊重的这些早期感受将会成为孩子脑中记忆的一部分,而当他们开始准备建立成人关系时,这些将成为他们所追寻的价值。所有这些都从您这开始!

Nursing a baby "on demand," or by request, not only assures you a bountiful milk supply (the more a baby suckles, the more milk you make), it also makes you available to comfort your child, soothe a pain, or simply provide the human contact your baby needs. His mouth is the most sensitive area of his body, and sucking feels so good to him. Unlike a pacifier (dummy), which can fall on the floor and get dirty, your nipples are always safe. No need to watch the clock; watch what your baby is telling you. He may be thirsty, want a snack, or a full course meal.


Pacifiers can cause nipple confusion in some babies, but may be useful in some situations. Proceed with caution, if you use one.


Caring for a crying baby at night can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a new parent, especially if friends or relatives tell you that picking up or nursing your baby every time he/she cries will spoil the baby. Some people may tell you the baby needs to learn "self-comforting" at night so that he/she can go back to sleep without you. Although so-called "sleep training" may work for some families, many mothers have found that they prefer or they feel more comfortable to respond to baby‘‘s cries, no matter what time of day or night they hear them.


For many of us, keeping our babies close to us all night, whether in our bed or in a crib or bassinet next to the bed, is the best way to meet our babies‘‘ needs while disrupting our own sleep as little as possible. 对我们许多人来说,整晚上让宝宝睡在身旁(睡同一张床或床边的宝宝床或摇篮车里)是牺牲睡眠少,又能照顾好宝宝的最好方法。

Here‘‘s a "what if?" question that sometimes helps mothers trust their hearts and stop worrying about spoiling their babies. Imagine you were scared or sad enough to start crying. What if another adult you loved knew you were crying, but refused to hug you, reminding you that you‘‘d had a hug just an hour ago? You would probably stop crying eventually on your own, but wouldn‘‘t you feel better if that other adult had comforted you when you needed it?


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